Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Zambia is a landlocked country situated north of the Zambezi River in Central Africa. The legendary Zambezi River flows through western Zambia and forms the southern border with Zimbabwe. This juncture is the mark of the Great Victoria Falls. Other major rivers include the kafue and Luangwa Rivers, which also flow into the Zambezi. Besides Zimbabwe, Zambia borders seven other countries, including Zaire, Malawi, Angola, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia.
Zambia has a tropical climate and vegetation, with temperatures ranging from 14 to 35 degrees centigrade. There is a dry cooler period from May to August, a hot dry season during September and October and a wet warmer period from November to April. Generally, the areas in the north of the country receive the highest rainfall during the latter period. Zambia's fairly pleasant climate year round can be attributed to her high elevation and mostly plateaux land. Most of the country's vegetation is made up of savanna woodland and grassland. The Country, which looks like a lopsided butterfly, covers an area of 752,614 square kilometers, with an elevation of between 1,067m and 1,372m above sea level.
Lusaka is the Capital City of the Republic of Zambia. The International Airport is approximately 25 kilometeres East of the Lusaka City Centre. There is a reasonably efficient transport system and a number of Hotels of international standards


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